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Christian is The Media Mechanic

Christian is The Media Mechanic


As a proven leader, Christian is involved in every step of production from pre-pro, to shooting, and through post production. He works with any camera format – film, digital, Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc…

As a D.P. he is able to shoot all formats and adapt quickly. Christian’s talents run the full gamut from intimate/minimalist to green screen, and guerrilla setups to glossy, big budget productions.

As an Editor, Christian was one of the first DP’s to adapt to the Avid Media Composer for Online Editorial, moving to Final Cut Pro and currently Adobe Creative Suite Tools.

Think of the Media Mechanic as a plug-in to your next production!

Skills Include: Motion and stills DP, Adobe Creative Cloud Editing, Capture One, Script Writing, Sound Recording, DIT, Multi Camera Engineering, Broadcast Delivery, Audio Visual Expert.

Able to communicate concisely to all levels of management. Call or text to 727-515-4466

Having completed more than 100 projects with Christian, I can say that he is nothing short of an outstanding creative partner. Not only does Christian possess a tremendous eye for detail, he works tirelessly to achieve high-caliber work and never, ever settles.
— Skeek Allen - VP, Creative Director - AdPartners
Let it be known that on April 15th the Board of Directors of Motivational Resources Incorporated has declared it:
Christian Moriarty Day
In recognition of uncompromised commitment, a steady hand, trained eye and the most decisive ability to say “cut” that has ever been witnessed, the governing body has directed that the most “action oriented” Rolex watch to have ever walked through the corporate doors is to be awarded to Mr. Moriarty. This token of appreciation for performance “Above and Beyond” is symbolic of the corporate philosophy that “Less Than Your Best Is Failure!”
— Steve Sullivan - Motivational Resources



Media mechanic

Post-production services can include a myriad of things, ranging from editing, which consists of the basic arrangement of visual and audio material, colour-correction to add the finishing touches, visual effects to address any creative needs and distribution, to help your video be seen. Hiring a knowledgeable editor can make the post-production process infinitely easier for your business. Not only can it save you time, but it will also ensure the correct steps are taken to produce the best quality edit possible, and ensure your video is seen by as many people as possible.



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