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A native of Oceanside, CA, Christian was given a super 8 film camera at the age of12. He then proceeded to film his family and friends then splicing it all together into a finished piece where he would play his records collection and narrate aloud. 

While his roots started in the corporate training world with Eckerd Drugs, AT&T, Danka Industries and Lincare. He quickly found himself in the music video industry working with Roxx Gang, Jackyl and the Warren Brothers to name a few which moved his story telling cinematography to narrative commercial work. 

Christian is involved in every step of production from pre-pro, to shooting, and through post production. He works with any camera format – film, digital, Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc…

As a D.P. he is able to shoot all formats and adapt quickly. Christian’s talents run the full gamut from intimate/minimalist to green screen, and guerrilla setups to glossy, big budget productions.

Christian lead the way as an Editing DP mastering the Avid Media Composer, then Final Cut Studio and currently the Adobe Creative Suite of tools.